09 February 2010

lille of the valley

i had eggplants and pickles for lunch today and went to the library to read "notebooks" for a while. camus says comparison leads to suffering - which really is true. if outlets like facebook didn't exist, we'd think about ourselves more and carry out our own lives a bit better.

then i walked from memorial park to old town and sat at the same bus bench i used to everyday when i worked at patagonia - must have been 3 years the last time i sat there. then i got off at main street and walked to the gym. probably also around 3 years since i walked down that street. i've never noticed before but the place is a total hubbub for certain crowds. strangely there's a bunch of dance and art studios along main street. i passed by the theatre where i went to see a film with a pal once. inside the gym i did the steps/aerobics class and for the first time, i put plastic bricks under my step as a challenge, finding that it actually made things easier.

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