17 February 2009

i made thursday's feature article!

i'm thinking about which other planet to move to. but until then, i'm pretty excited about this.

ze zound

i guess i can't say everything in LA stinks.

a few months ago, i discovered 100.3 fm "the sound" in los angeles. probably the best radio station i've heard my entire life. they play songs from '60s - now. a good variety.

the lovin' spoonful, spoon, jack johnson, jackson browne, the beatles, the eagles, tom petty, thom yorke, blondie, stevie, david bowie, david byrne.

so good.

15 February 2009

los angeles fashion week SS09 at boxeight

je sais pas qui veuille ceux-ci porter. mais j'aime bien de regarder - d'une autre planète.

yotam solomon

brian lichtenberg

06 February 2009

los angeles fashion week SS09 at smashbox

this took place last october in culver city. almost every line was way ugly. i liked Tulle and Cloth Logic though. i took some low-quality pics with my non-slr camera.

04 February 2009

little morning

morning is the name of my child. he likes to run around our garden during the day and sit on the couch at night and watch seinfeld. once he squeezed through the gate and wound up between some jagged palm plants next to the road. but i knew exactly where he was because there was a stray cat floating above the plants. all the neighborhood cats follow him around but he don't give them the time of the day.

02 February 2009

piece of shit

starbucks is releasing a cd called 'sweethearts.' a capitalistic cover cd of some of the best songs ever by the cure, bruce springsteen, etc. rogue wave on the same cd as some radio fools. sounds like everyone is cashing in.

i only buy cds at live shows from bands themselves so those poor ass kids can get my 8 bucks.