15 October 2009

no trail left behind (hopefully)

All I really want in life is to live in a compact space with maybe two good friends and have fresh air and temperate weather. We’d be close to lots of open space for hiking and cycling and living mainly, esp for Morning to run around during the day. We’d at least have a trader’s and a farmer’s and hopefully a small natural foods shop with a few tables. And some young folks nearby would be nice. It’d be important to have access to good public transportation and maybe some thrift shops. And for me to deserve this ideal lifestyle, I cannot bring any new child onto this planet. So when I begin from this starting point, I know that this type of life is not too much to ask for at all.

11 October 2009

un oeuf

elle a voulu lui dit qu'elle sera ici pour toujours. mais comme une petite fille, elle a fermée la bouche et a écouté seulement.

comme il veut, la nuit devient le matin. mais quand la nuit s'élève encore, il écoutera pour ses pas doux.