30 August 2009

des pêches mode

peaches were 3.49 a pound. and around mid-august when the farms along the central valley grew lots we'd get them on sale for 2.99. we'd buy them one at a time, sometimes after class and sometimes before dinner. we'd sit at the little blue bench and watch people go in and out of the co-op. each peach tasted like an only child born from the earth.

i took a boy there once to share a peach with. he said "this is a delicious peach!" we never really spoke again after that. i had given him the cheapest token of happiness i had found; i had nothing else left to offer.

i thought about these delicious daily peaches as i bought a whole bag for 5.00 at the farmer's market today.

28 August 2009

jock sturges

photographe naturaliste de montalivet

25 August 2009

dit marion!

Marion at the Dior ss10 show.

16 August 2009

slightly retarded but really beautiful

Joanna and Miranda Celebrate Rodarte's SS09 Collection

14 August 2009

le weekend!

devendra's shoes are nice!

10 August 2009

we listened to this cd everyday

a year ago cleare and i spent our last summer in sb. we got up at 10am and had tons of hash before biking to cartography class each day. we had biked through the last days of the old isla vista before the awful construction. at night we'd go to environmental film to watch planet earth and such. we'd come home and sit in our 10x10' room and eat our tofu scramble. when i think about it now it's like i'm standing on a wall and aiming to jump back into this tiny beautiful hole.

05 August 2009

sa coeur d'or

je le regarde comme il boit. il boit du bourbon and de sa femme. il y a beaucoup de vignobles pour traverser, des raisins pour choisir.