10 December 2010

05 December 2010

01 December 2010

randall arendt

conventional greenfield development

conservation subdivision

randall arendt's idea of setting aside connected corridors of protected open space: savior of suburban sprawl?

29 September 2010

atmospheric correction

i am this close to becoming a remote sensing expert :)

18 July 2010

city of plight

today i went to the flea market and got some hair ribbons and and then went to the park to drink the wine i bought for 1 euro. french women look like adrian brody and french men look like jakob dylan. there's also a lot of bow-legged peeps here.

13 June 2010

mister blue star

robert approached dressing like living art. he would have a smoke and look at his few pieces of clothing while contemplating his accessories. waiting as robert decided on the right number of keys to hang on his belt loop was humorously maddening.

21 May 2010

la nuit

hier soir, j'ai rêvé de lui. i called out his name after leaning against the inside window of a store i'd passed by but never gone in during waking life. i was pleased to find that in my dream, the inside of the store wasn't as i'd imagined. my vision was opaque as i took in the pasty taste of the room. my day slowed down so i could learn to form the words. the moment 'cory' came out of my mouth his face lit up. how could i have known his name just by watching him watch me every night? he told me to join him by the tavern across the street. i promised i'd meet him there as i ran toward the other direction of town, recollecting his beer bottles from nights before.

15 May 2010

a jar

she went looking for a flower vase at the market but instead she found a little jar. the jar wasn't as she expected - it was the most beautiful at the shop but its opening channel was narrow and could barely hold a single flower. so she trimmed down the tip of the stem of the most vibrant flower and inserted it. it still didn't hold. the jar cracked a little as the flower fell away, its petals burning. she tried the same with the most anatomically correct flower. again, the jar cracked a little as the flower fell, its petals intact as it plunged to the ground. maybe then all the jar needed was the smallest flower. when this flower also fell the jar cracked open. same as it ever was, her beloved jar from the market looked as beautiful as it ever did, broken on the table.

13 May 2010


11 May 2010

sink or swim

the weight of existence in the early afternoon is lucid and heavy like my grey skin. to quell my time i go some place new. a video store or a farmer's market. somewhere void of expectations. where what is missing is everything.

10 May 2010

cleare knew she was a house built with broken twigs

and she once knew a boy who, upon their meeting, looked right into her. he was humble and at the same time, anatomically perfect. he wore lips that curved like a gentle river, hands that sculpted and moistened everything he touched. she could feel the sensual heat in his lungs just by sitting next to him.

but all of these magic mysteries were kinetic like an old carnival machine. because when he closed his eyes, or maybe opened them halfway, he was the most detached and dispassionate person she'd ever known. and by trying to protect himself from human nature, he had become what he saw as unfit in others.

and she realised that the only thing worse than a house built with broken twigs is a house built with bullet-proof iron.

17 April 2010


taken from lookbook.

a cute outfit. but take a look at each garment individually - cheap tricot sweater, grandma shorts, mens' belt, dumb purse from mexico (she's probs never even been to mexico), shitty rayon scarf.

11 April 2010

everyday people

the cool spring heat hits my ankles as i adjust my wiggling womb. a touch, a spritz. somehow i feel like i've carried my tofu scramble everywhere without opening the box. somewhere i know our rendez-vous happened right before spring-time.

27 March 2010

the village green

we have an amazing garden. tonight i saw that the tomato plants had grown from a petite cauliflower size into a huge afro literally after a week! it's a miracle they didn't perish during winter at all; but they were barely alive. and there's this peach tree too that grew so fast its branches are still green. it's now taller than the house - with sour-y sweet flowers. the rose bush has different color flowers every season. sometimes they're yellow and pink, sometimes they're bright pink. i chased little morning around the yard for a while and then saw that the neighbor's 50-yr-old black cat was standing above the wall at the very corner with its mouth open.

24 March 2010

crimson and clover

clearing out the 'bird' playlist today was like clearing my mind of the last few months. i cooked chick peas with basil and it smelled like we were going to walk on over to the garage after dinner like any other night. like today was the calm before the storm.

it's like this city is the opposite of abbey's lone desert house - full of people, void of time. then again, the rain comes down on sunny days in la.

BOXeight fashion week a/w 2010: kanvis

05 March 2010


i remember passing by our local ems from time to time during high school. this store was one of the spots kids from school got their l.l.bean backpacks with their initials or their north face jackets (north face is so over-rated and poorly made, totally second class to patagonia). i drove by with my ma at least once a week, usu after SAT class at the boys school on saturdays. once i waited an hour for my ma to pick me up after SAT class. i was just thankful my neighbor didn't decide to carpool with me that day, or she would've had to wait an hour to get home too. this was the same neighbor who ditched me at the bus stop when she saw something faster come along. she got a ride from a friend from our summer school class - my bus and her ride ended up arriving on our block at the same time.

last week i saw this old ems plastic bag in my ma's car. it must've been at least 6 years old. i thought i was sure no one in my family's ever been inside that place. then a few days later i saw the same bag being used to catch garbage in the kitchen. i took a photo of it so i could stow it away like another useless memory from the past - like that neighbor or SAT class.

09 February 2010

lille of the valley

i had eggplants and pickles for lunch today and went to the library to read "notebooks" for a while. camus says comparison leads to suffering - which really is true. if outlets like facebook didn't exist, we'd think about ourselves more and carry out our own lives a bit better.

then i walked from memorial park to old town and sat at the same bus bench i used to everyday when i worked at patagonia - must have been 3 years the last time i sat there. then i got off at main street and walked to the gym. probably also around 3 years since i walked down that street. i've never noticed before but the place is a total hubbub for certain crowds. strangely there's a bunch of dance and art studios along main street. i passed by the theatre where i went to see a film with a pal once. inside the gym i did the steps/aerobics class and for the first time, i put plastic bricks under my step as a challenge, finding that it actually made things easier.

21 January 2010

none of our secrets are physical

the only stable interaction i've had with a human boy has been sans direct communication. none have ever left me bitter or sadistic. there's never a first time, nor a last for anything. but the sight of each other itself is like an earthquake. like when s showed me his chipped teeth the day he sat right across from me at carillo. or when j biked past me in the rain and acknowledged my presence with his un-open lips. each of these moments were like reading a book with no end.

18 January 2010

sweet piss

when i woke up today it was still raining from the night before. and when i looked outside while discovering the story of tom and summer it was gloomy. but i learned, rather quickly, that to look back you've to force yourself to see it all. that way, i would realize what a big mistake i'd made by bending down to look at the pebbles in the shallow water. and i felt silly that i'd not known summer had already become autumn while i was scraping pond rocks from my boots. by 4pm, the sky had cleared for the sun to shine for an hour until it would set.

17 January 2010

candids from lauren elaine's gathering

i took one and squashed it in my pocket. then i got another one and ate it - will develop the squirts from this processed food item.