26 January 2009

25 January 2009

I cannot relate to 99% of humanity.

A charming comic by Daniel Clowes. Also a charming movie with Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi.

I'm like that old man that waits for the bus that never comes. Except then it does come when someone even more loser is looking at me.

natural toiletries are rather inexpensive

i find the best quality skin care products at natural food stores (lassen's, co-op, whole foods, trader joe's). they all carry pretty much the same brands and you can get great quality shit $7-20.

but recently i've noticed places such as Sephora and L'Occitane really advertise their new green products. but basically you're paying $50-100 for second-rate products with fancy product descriptions. the brands they choose to carry, which you'll never see at co-op, are expensive and have intensive chemical ingredients. these brands are way below par compared to even like $5 trader joe's cream.

don't be a dumbass read the ingredients. if the list is way long and has shit like parabens/sulfates/yellow-69 you know it cost like $0.50 to make.

24 January 2009

charles lost all his hair

sometimes you suddenly leave a life behind and go away for a long time. a long enough time that the new place becomes your new norm. and when you get the chance, you visit the old people and places from before and you find that things have changed drastically . some ppl have lost their hair and local joints have been torn down. but in your mind these new things aren't ever real and your memory adamantly decides to reject them. and so after you leave your little visit behind and think about that life you left behind many years ago it's like nothing has changed except you. no one in the town became bald and bravo pizza is still 10 mins away. no one's died and everyone else is still 18 while you are almost 30. and you picture their lives going on from day to day and they're 18 forever.

09 January 2009

cleare's dress