30 October 2008

end of the world

quality of life:

9 santa barbara
8 philadelphia, dc, etc
1 los angeles

22 October 2008

la belle jane

chez elle

avec sa fille Lou

21 October 2008

let's have sax

pen and ink

old lancaster road

two hours away from home: a fulfilling and simple life

08 October 2008

in my previous life,

i attended fashion illustration classes at the local women's art college and enjoyed printmaking. i put together an amateur fashion show for my senior project.

i remember once driving to upstate new york during a blizzard with my art portfolio under my armpit. i had spent the previous night filling it with anything that seemed presentable. the interview that day was long and i didn't know why i was there.

but after high school, i moved out to santa barbara and started life #3. i studied the environment and fell in love with mother nature. now that's over and i don't know why i'm here.

currently i'm living life #4. i'm writing now. strange thing - this has tied me back to my high school years' goals.

05 October 2008