21 May 2010

la nuit

hier soir, j'ai rêvé de lui. i called out his name after leaning against the inside window of a store i'd passed by but never gone in during waking life. i was pleased to find that in my dream, the inside of the store wasn't as i'd imagined. my vision was opaque as i took in the pasty taste of the room. my day slowed down so i could learn to form the words. the moment 'cory' came out of my mouth his face lit up. how could i have known his name just by watching him watch me every night? he told me to join him by the tavern across the street. i promised i'd meet him there as i ran toward the other direction of town, recollecting his beer bottles from nights before.

15 May 2010

a jar

she went looking for a flower vase at the market but instead she found a little jar. the jar wasn't as she expected - it was the most beautiful at the shop but its opening channel was narrow and could barely hold a single flower. so she trimmed down the tip of the stem of the most vibrant flower and inserted it. it still didn't hold. the jar cracked a little as the flower fell away, its petals burning. she tried the same with the most anatomically correct flower. again, the jar cracked a little as the flower fell, its petals intact as it plunged to the ground. maybe then all the jar needed was the smallest flower. when this flower also fell the jar cracked open. same as it ever was, her beloved jar from the market looked as beautiful as it ever did, broken on the table.

13 May 2010


11 May 2010

sink or swim

the weight of existence in the early afternoon is lucid and heavy like my grey skin. to quell my time i go some place new. a video store or a farmer's market. somewhere void of expectations. where what is missing is everything.

10 May 2010

cleare knew she was a house built with broken twigs

and she once knew a boy who, upon their meeting, looked right into her. he was humble and at the same time, anatomically perfect. he wore lips that curved like a gentle river, hands that sculpted and moistened everything he touched. she could feel the sensual heat in his lungs just by sitting next to him.

but all of these magic mysteries were kinetic like an old carnival machine. because when he closed his eyes, or maybe opened them halfway, he was the most detached and dispassionate person she'd ever known. and by trying to protect himself from human nature, he had become what he saw as unfit in others.

and she realised that the only thing worse than a house built with broken twigs is a house built with bullet-proof iron.