05 December 2009


as i prepare now to get some recoms for more school, i remember again how much i loved learning about the environment during my college years. if not conducive to anything else (aka job), my time in the classroom definitely helped me find my joie de vivre.

some of my favorite professors - who taught me that once you find thatis within yourself, your are much like a potent potable:

marc mcginnes - environmental law - marc is one in a billion! i was fortunate enough to be in the last class he taught before retiring. he would come to class dressed up as an 'alien' and criticize humans. after the final exam, we all stood in a circle around the fire pit outside and he chanted about everyone being one - that was the exact moment when i knew i'd fallen in love with the environment.

david cleveland - world agriculture - i loved learning about ag and small-scale farming from this guy - watching how happy he was while he lectured was encouraging. i'm lucky if i'll ever have half the passion and kindness this man has. i don't know how but he knew my name and i keep seeing him around the food co-op. he called me a "star student!"

paul wack - environmental planning - this man loved planning. he showed us a pic of him in his 20's when he 1st started out - he was smiling ear-to-ear then as he is now. he really inspired me and cleare to see planning as a career. and his film class was the last ES class i ever took - totally blew my mind man - i was really inspired by all the blue horizons kids in the class who loved the films more than even i did.

WORST PERSON EVER: Eric Zimmerman - our dept adviser - not only did he not give any of us any advice on any jobs, he made me feel like a dumbass for asking him any questions.

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