22 December 2009

conjuring a conflagration for the callow coquette

upon arrival at the pizza bar, cleare completely capitulated herself to josh. he was a capricious womanizer, with a cadaverous brunette to the left and the crestfallen cleare to the right. why, she wondered, was he the callow coquette he had become? after all, he did have congenital characteristics such as short arms and a large face. before the night was over, cleare's thoughts took a circuitous turn as she circumambulated around josh's pizzas. she decided she would castigate him by setting his pizza bar on fire. ah the feeling of sending a man to his chasm without clemency or compunction. taking a final look at the conflagration she had conjured, cleare complacently walked back to her table to sit with her concentric friends as they shared a confluence of a laugh.

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