25 January 2009

natural toiletries are rather inexpensive

i find the best quality skin care products at natural food stores (lassen's, co-op, whole foods, trader joe's). they all carry pretty much the same brands and you can get great quality shit $7-20.

but recently i've noticed places such as Sephora and L'Occitane really advertise their new green products. but basically you're paying $50-100 for second-rate products with fancy product descriptions. the brands they choose to carry, which you'll never see at co-op, are expensive and have intensive chemical ingredients. these brands are way below par compared to even like $5 trader joe's cream.

don't be a dumbass read the ingredients. if the list is way long and has shit like parabens/sulfates/yellow-69 you know it cost like $0.50 to make.

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