01 December 2008

my 1983 eggplant

i am learning new things about my bicycle everyday.

back in sb, i would just take him to the campus bike shop for those dudes to take care of him. but now that i live in la, it is really difficult to get to a bike shop. i took a homage to a bicycle workshop a few weeks back - it took an hour each way with bus and rail. the place was called "bicycle kitchen" and the dudes were pretty damn fine. but to my dismay, the next morning i got another flat tire - the tube had imploded from the bus ride back! though i wanted to see the fine dudes again, i didn't want to pay another $7 for the public trans.

so i asked my dad to help me with the tire. he busted out his binder of tools and fixed eggplant's rear tire. he was a great teach too. now i am a pro with the tools and i can:

take off tires with 2 screw drivers
install inner tubes and then but tires back on
pump my tubes without them imploding - (found the right pressure!)
thread and put into place the brake wires
properly slide the chain into the rear derailleur

for a toothpick-legged man - as cleare would say - these skills are natural like his leg hairz. ah but for me these things have to accumulate like oilz on his hairz and then the oil gets too oily so the hairz fall out.

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