08 October 2008

in my previous life,

i attended fashion illustration classes at the local women's art college and enjoyed printmaking. i put together an amateur fashion show for my senior project.

i remember once driving to upstate new york during a blizzard with my art portfolio under my armpit. i had spent the previous night filling it with anything that seemed presentable. the interview that day was long and i didn't know why i was there.

but after high school, i moved out to santa barbara and started life #3. i studied the environment and fell in love with mother nature. now that's over and i don't know why i'm here.

currently i'm living life #4. i'm writing now. strange thing - this has tied me back to my high school years' goals.

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Anonymous said...

amy.. please come back online
i want to talk to you. i have sooooo much to tell you. i know you will be excited to hear! please!!! GO BACK ON FB. or send me a email at justinl22@sbcglobal.net