02 July 2008

bord de mer

j'habite au bord de mer aussi. c'est l'histoire de ma vie aussi. mais le fin, cela sera pas un fin joyeux comme lequel de marie.

after seeing this film i now have more existential holes to fall into like a blind woman. i harbour an overall nausea toward life and other people. my daily activities bore me to death and i wonder if i'd enjoy what other isla vistans do - seems like a lot of fun. but i already know that i'd just end up on a 2x2 platform surrounded by the ocean and watching everyone else. and i do thoroughly enjoy my quotidian activities. everyone i encounter i want to look him/her in the eyes and say "hey fuck you." yet it's pretty human to want to continously meet people such as this nonetheless.

with age, this nausea grows and pours into your body ounce by gallon. it becomes more intricate and different illnesses tie together delicately yet boldly like a web.

we all wait and think we'll get our three lemons someday. it's theoretically possible - but we'll all die before we can get those three lemons.

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