08 June 2008


some exciting things that's happened this past week: (!)

- i was on the 24sex bus and this guy kept looking at everyone's shoes from the corners of this eyes. he didn't look anywhere else - just everyone's shoes. then this girl gets on the bus and sits down across from him. she proceeds to look at his shoes from the corners of her eyes. he sees this from the corners of his eyes and decides to stop looking around and concentrate on enjoying the ride across goleta beach.

- cleare and i went to place x downtown. this guy that does x there is super fine and we even got to see him dance like a swan. we saw him again tonight in iv and he was looking SUPER fine. downtown nights are for unrefined pplz. but we go once in a while b/c there's like two places we can go. it's funny to see ppl there whom you'd never expect to see. then they see you and they ask themselves the same question, "what the heck are these pplz doing here?"

- i'm at davidson library right now writing the four papers i need to finish. there's this italian-looking man a row in front of me typing. i decided that he's not the philly-looking white trash italian because he looks real-italian, aka european-italian. he has amber-colored skin and a nice nose (which he is picking + smelling) like dean potter and defined cheekbones. his shirt, which could be from patagonia, is unbuttoned just enough at the top. while he's typing he's running his hands through his curly brown locks. it is so stimulating for him that he has typed a full page already. next to him is a knit sac full of books - something you don't see stateside. he's scoping the library scene for good-looking quality women. but he won't find any. he's standing up to get a better look and re-shuffling his hair. he puts his hand into his tighty whities and re-adjusts. he takes it out and smells his hand and flinches a bit. he stands up and reads a cool book in the middle of first floor while everyone is sitting and fingers his hair more while smelling is hand after each stroke. now i just made eye contact with the dude who sat behind us at anisy'qoyo park during earth day.

look at all the things going on in this pic. i could explore for hours.

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